Our core functions

Risk Management

Risk Management is a core function as it can encompass a wide range of risks that face any organisation, risks that can be fatal to a company’s strategy and long-term durability. Our Risk professionals are responsible for developing and embedding the risk management framework.


Actuaries are the back bone of financial security. Their solid mathematical knowledge, analytical and problem solving skills, as well as their business sense help an organization to assess or predict the probability of an event happening and its financial consequences. Their comprehension enables the company to manage and reduce its financial and insurance risks


Finance teams contribute to the success of a company by ensuring current and long-term profitability. Our Finance team is primarily responsible for accounting and reporting on the financial affairs of the Company and ensures AXA Life Europe meets its statutory, regulatory, group and corporate tax reporting obligations.


Our Compliance team is responsible for monitoring compliance with legislation, regulation, internal AXA standards and applicable codes of practice in a number of areas, including: Financial crime (anti-money laundering, countering the financing of terrorism, fraud, bribery and corruption); Data protection; Conduct of Business


Our Legal Department is responsible for providing legal advice and guidance to AXA Life Europe in order to keep the company activities in strict compliance with new legislation. Our Legal team is also responsible for the creation and drafting of legal documentation complying with existing local/international agreements and legislation

Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is a vital and integral part of every business plan. Our IT team designs and implements systems supporting our business using Agile methodology, and covering all aspects of the delivery lifecycle (requirements, development, testing together with information security for the company).

Customer Service Centre

The team is there to support our customers at all stages of their policy life cycle. Its aim is to guarantee a positive experience for our clients when processing full or partial surrenders, fund switches and all other requested transactions. The Service Centre is also responsible for the payment of adviser commission and the processing of agency requests.